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Learning Paths International is a training and development consulting firm that focuses on improving results while cutting the time and cost of training. Our work is based on the Learning Paths methodology which reduces time to proficiency by applying the best of quality improvement and accelerated learning techniques.  

Since 1993, the Learning Paths Methodology has been extensively tested and proven with hundreds of functions and thousands of employees in call center, sales, health care, finance, leadership and manufacturing settings.  In every case, time to proficiency has been reduced by more than 30%.  Reducing time to proficiency is critical because every day employees aren't fully productive has a direct financial impact on the business.  The impact can be quantified in terms of productivity, errors, safety, turnover and morale. 

After more than 10 years of research and development, the results were published  in the book "Learning Paths: Increase profits by reducing the time it takes to get employees up-to-speed" (Pfeiffer and ASTD Press 2004).  The book has achieve critical acclaim by major human resources, organizational development and training associations.  Since 2004, thousands of people have read the Learning Paths book and hundreds of companies have applied Learning Paths concepts and principles within their  organizations.


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Steven Rosenbaum, President Learning Paths International

Steve Rosenbaum  is president and founder of Learning Paths International.  For more than 20 years, he has lead successful Learning Paths initiatives for major corporations in manufacturing, sales, health care, customer service, finance and leadership.  He has develop and trained a network of Learning Path consultants and partners in the U.S. And internationally.   As an author, Steve has written 5 books including: Learning Paths:  Increase profits by reducing the time it takes to get employees up-to-speed, Managing and Measuring Productivity, and Fair Employment Interviewing. He is also a contributor to the Trainer's Portable Mentor and has written more than 100 articles and 400 blog postings on training and development topics.  Steve frequently speaks to professional HR, training, OD and Operations associations about Learning Paths and how to reduce time to proficiency.

Raymond Zhu, President Learning Paths China &  Sr. Vice President Learning Paths International

Raymond Zhu has 10 years of experience in the learning function, management and instructional deign.  He has provided learning solutions for more than 20 corporations in a diverse range of businesses and industries in China.  With a strong background of Six Sigma and Cognitive Psychology, he has assisted enterprises and universities in understanding the Learning Path methodology and designing effective learning solutions which closely relate to business strategies.  Raymond's series of articles on Learning Paths in Training Magazine China has helped numerous organizations speed up time to proficiency.

Cees W.M. Nieboer, President Learning Paths Europe & Vice President Learning Paths International

Cees brings over 25 years of experience as a manager, trainer, coach, consultant, QA lead assessor and author of HR solutions. He worked and lived in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. His passion is to deliver results by matching, and developing, human potential with measurable organizational results. Cees has develops and leads a network of European partners from the UK to Eastern Europe.  

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