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 Learning Paths International

Add the Learning Paths Brand to Your Consulting Practice

As part of our ongoing effort to build the Learning Paths brand, we are adding new partners in the US and internationally.  For our partners this is an opportunity to expand their businesses with a consulting methodology that will give them a competitive advantage.  Other benefits include:

What Partners Get

The partnership program is designed to help our partners become successful.  Here are some of the key elements of the partnership program:

Partner Profile

We are seeking partners who currently have consulting practice in human resources, sales, training, organizational development, quality or safety.  This includes both individual practitioners and consulting companies.  In the US, we are seeking partners with a strong regional presence, industry focus or unique areas of expertise.  Internationally we are looking for new partners in  South America, Asia, Middle East  and Africa.

Next Steps

To discuss the partners program with us contact: Steve Rosenbaum, president and founder of Learning Paths Phone +1 952-368-9329 or contact us by email:  You can also choose to attend one of our upcoming Partners Program webconferences.


Learn How to Become a Partner

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Learning Path partner complete the form below.