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Drawing on a combined 50-plus years of providing human resource training and development expertise to many of America's leading companies, Learning Paths present a practical and measurable approach to accelerating the learning process for new and existing employees as well as future business leaders. Coverage includes the major steps and strategies for building Learning Paths; strategies, methods, and techniques to ensure training is correct, complete, and tied to business needs; and delivering training that is cost-effective and structured to transfer to the job more effectively.




Steve Rosenbaum is president  and founder of Learning Paths International.  He has more than 20 years experience leading successful Learning Paths initiatives for major corporations in manufacturing, sales, health care, finance and leadership.  


Learning Paths:  

How to Increase Profits by Reducing the Time It Takes to Get Employees Up-to-Speed


 "While Learning Paths is a strong tool for process improvement in large organizations, it has unlimited uses in management."

Training Media Review 2004

"The concept of a Learning Path represents much more than a relabelling of old terms. Put simply it is a complete rethink of how training ought to work."

Training Magazine 2008

"Learning Paths is a double-edged solution because it can be customized to any organization, no matter the type or size, and it guarantees measurable bottom line results."

HR Strategies Advisor 2007

"Learning Paths hits the bull's eye with the mission to become more accountable in the companies we work in."

ASTD OD/Leadership Network News 2005


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