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Learning Paths - the Next Generation of Training

Presents the Learning Path methodology and how it’s used to dramatically reduce time to proficiency. View

Webinar 1:

How to Get You Employees Up-to-Speed

in Record Time

A Learning Paths Overview

Learning Paths is the fastest and most effective way to reduce time to performance. Hundreds of companies in more than eight countries have used the Learning Paths approach for onboarding new employees, improving performance of current employees as well as leadership development.

This webinar is presented by Steve Rosenbaum, the author  Learning Paths: Increase profits by reducing the time it takes to get employees up-to-speed (Pfeiffer and ASTD Press).  In this webinar, you will how Learning Paths initiatives lead to speeding up design and development, improving measurability and overall results.

In this webinar learn about:



Webinar 2:

Principles of Accelerated Learning

How to design training that speeds up the learning process

and gets results fast!

Speed Yields Big Results

The faster employees, managers and leaders learn, the sooner they deliver big results on-the-job. Driving learning time from months to weeks and weeks to days makes a significant financial difference in any organization. In this webinar, participants learn about critical ways to take time out of the learning process and master the speed equation.

Mastering the Speed Equation

This webinar is not about “brain science.” It’s about practical ways to accelerate the learning process by:



7 Principles of Accelerated Learning

Provides new ideas and insights in how to drive time out of the learning process. View

Webinar 3:

3 Keys to Rapid Onboarding

The Importance of Rapid Onboarding

How soon would you be confident assigning a new employee to work with your most valued customers? When do you know a new employee is likely to stay and be a productive member of your team? When do you know a new employee can be trusted to work without constant supervision?

This webinar explores 3 keys for designing and implementing an effective onboarding program that gets real results.  This webinar covers:



Rapid Onboarding Whitepaper.pdf

3 Keys to Rapid Onboarding

Describes how to get employees fully integrated into their work teams in the first 30 to 90 days. View

Webinar 4:

Rapid Design of Instructor-Led Training

From Slow to Fast

After 30 years of designing training, I’ve seen hundreds of workshops,

seminars and webinars developed. Some come together in a matter of

weeks, others take months and there are some that take years. The one

thing that is certain about this process is that the longer it takes to develop

a program, the more expensive it’s going to be.

This webinar looks at the major ways to speed up development including:



Rapid Design of Instructor Led Training

Shows how to slash weeks and months out of the instructional design process. View

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These webinar are an excellent introduction to the Learning Paths Methodology

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