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Principles of Accelerated Learning

How to design training that speeds up the learning process and gets results fast!


Speed Yields Big Results

The faster employees, managers and leaders learn, the sooner they deliver big results on-the-job. Driving learning time from months to weeks and weeks to days makes a significant financial difference in any organization. In this dynamic 2-day workshop, participants learn 7 major ways to take time out of the learning process and master the speed equation.

The Value of Accelerated Learning Principles

Learning Principles are core beliefs about how people really learn and learn quickly.  Agreeing on and publishing a set of Learning Principles leads to consistent and cost effective training design and development t as well as positioning your team as the learning experts in your organization. In this session, participants not only learn about the principles that speed up learning but also how to apply them when designing and developing training.


Mastering the Speed Equation

This workshop is not about “brain science.” It’s about practical ways to accelerate the learning process by:


This highly interactive 2-day workshop follows the 7 Principles of Accelerated Learning :

Day 1:

Principle 1: Speed Signals Proficiency

Principle 2: Performance Is Always the Goal

Principle 3: Good Isn’t Good Enough

Principle 4: Great Training Is Just-In-Time

Day 2:

Principle 5: Customize for Your Audience

Principle 6: Experts Know What and How

Principle 7: Do It Right the First Time

What You Will Get Out of this Program

As a result of attending this program, you will be able to:


Who Should Attend

This workshop is for anyone who designs, develops or implements any type of training. It’s for anyone involved in classroom or on-the-job training, elearning, web based or mobile training or training consulting. This workshop is great for anyone who leads a training department or learning organization. In fact, this is a great workshop to bring your entire training team.

“Help Your Training Team Master the Speed Equation!”

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